Sunday, January 10, 2010

Defying Gravity!

A scant two years ago, I made a decision to close my eyes and leap into a line of books that I knew would stretch the parameters of not only my writing, but my view of life as well. I became a writer for Spice.

With a rich and amazing experience writing in various genres of romance for small press and e-book under my real name, I embraced the wisdom of a woman I met early on in my writing journey who said,"A good author can write anything."   I approached this opportunity with an innovative new book line at Harlequin  and the result was my first book, DIARY OF COZETTE-the story of a young orphaned woman in Victorian England, her story of survival, finding her place in this world and ultimately, finding that her happiness wasn't entirely devoted to finding Mr. Right, but in finding herself worthy of Mr. Right.(and him of her!)

Pushing the evelope a bit further, my next book, TORTURED, was set in the Dark Ages (on purpose!) the challenge for me to see if love (albeit happiness) could actually survive such a tumultuous era. Another story with a heroine who must learn to survive her circumstances and the man who , by believing in her even when she didn't herself, inspired  her to break free of her internal prison.(As well as her external!)

Clearly, in my world, the path to love is never linear;) But life isn't linear--its complicated, messy, challenging--if we didn't have those aspects, we would truly never understand a Happily Ever After or even a Satisfied Ever After!

In my upcoming erotic historical fiction novel,(yes with elements of romance) to be released in June 2010, I again challenged myself to write a book that would stretch the parameters of my writing. Embracing the ego-centric artist, Thomas Rodin and his life-changing effect on three of his models--all from different places in life, with different goals--became an intricate tapestry of personalties and events that culmulnate to an ending that will surprise, delight, perhaps affect readers in ways they don't expect;)

This book, by publisher's request, was written in an unusual form using three novellas-all three from the heroine's POV as she retells her story, her experiences, and her growth in  becoming a model for the reckless and passionate artist, Thomas Rodin. Yet in the process (as pointed out to me by a good friend who read the book in various stages) we ALSO get to see, through the eyes of these women, the evolution of a man who is on his own journey -not only with his artistic work, but in his personal life.

Based loosely on the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a rebellious group of young artists led by Daniel Gabrielle Rosetti, this book once more stretched the parameters of my comfort zone. Three women and one man? And it's not a menage? LOL

Passionate, yes. Tortured souls, defintely. Erotic, certainly, it's Spice.;) Outside the box, indeed.

I wanted to write a book worthy of its beautiful cover and my editor, thankfully, believes whole-heartedly, that I have--but more than that--I believe that I have. I hope you do, too!


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COMING JUNE 2010 from Spice