Monday, December 28, 2009

Whats your goal?

We here in the midwest are still digging out of a record-breaking blizzard much like what pounded the east coast last week, so beautiful coming down, but I felt so much better when my oldest son and his girlfriend made it home safely. We shipped out the 4-wheel drive and packed up the grannies with their jammies and had them stay with us for two days and while the blizzard raged around us, we were cozy and content inside. The power went out a couple of times , so was prepared on Saturday night as we'd just started a delayed holiday dinner and the lights went out. Christmas dinner by lantern light is admittedly kind of fun;)

Best Gift: Having everyone home safe & sound. The sound of laughter among them all.

Worst gift: there wasn't a single one!

We played games and of course the Xbox got a work  out among the male teens in the house;) But a great trivia game that my daughter gave her brother was great fun. Called "Smart Ass" it is found a B &N and "game" type stores. "Catch Phrase" and a game where you continue in a circle to roll doubles in dice and vy for a chance to open a present with oven mitts on was a hoot! Whoever gets it open, wins the gift-no teeth allowed!

I can hear snowblowers in the neighborhood this morning and the sun is shining brilliantly outside. Those voices that got squelched for a few days in the din of my family's laughter are beckoning to me to come back and tell their stories. Rome, London and a medieval castle all await my return.

It's been a year of blessings both professionally and personally , and I look forward to the year ahead with its promise of potential and possibility. I'm setting my goals and aside from the usual--pay attention to my health, go more green, be more thankful, be more gracious--I am setting other, more practical goals as well.

Do you follow the tradition of  goal-setting for the New Year?  If so, what types of goals have you thought of for yourself?

One of mine is to simplify my life --disburse and organize and experience some things that I've not tried before.

How about you?