Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Midwestern Snow storm

It's coming down they tell me at a rate of an inch an hour...which is why the prediction is for 8-12 inches by rush hour this evening!

Its absolutely gorgeous if you dont have to be out in it!

I wanted to invite all my readers over to the Lust in Time manor today to visit with our talented guest, Victoria Janssen! Her new release The Moonlight Mistress is in stores now and it looks fantastic!

Come on over and join us!

Also, be advised that with the impending blizzard warning for us on WED. I may not be online, depending on the power!

Take care all and stay warm!



Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Oh honey, bundle up... keep warm... have some hot cocoa, books, blankets, pillows and hubby rubbing feet on hand (just making sure you were paying attention, lol)!!! I will pray that snow will just blow right on by... Wishing you all my prayers that everything is okay for you when you wake up...

Oh... if you have internet... you need to go see my story for yesterday... I got arrested and then tomorrow's post (Wed) - don't read till you read arrested.... LMAO! I think you might get a good laugh!! Have a great night/day honey!

M.A.D. said...

Hi Amanda - do stay inside and think spring or "this too, shall pass" lol! No, I do feel for you because here in Illinois I've woken up to strong winds, snow, rain, sleet ... an utter bacchanalia of December weather and I wish I were back in Florida ... sigh.

Amanda McIntyre said...

heyMs.C,so afr the power is good.Thye've closed alot of the roads and sections of interstate around here.virtually a complete shut down of life. once the wind dies down it will be easier to get the plows out but until then its pointless really.

I'll go check out your arrested story--that conjors up all manner of visions, let me just say! :))

Mary Ann, I saw that this storm had a patch of ice and sleet south of it .To my way of thinking that is much worse! be careful and if you dont have to be out-don't be!

anyone else out in the midewest have an update of the weather where they are?

Be safe

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I am writing to check in with ya!! Hope all is well my friend!

M.A.D. said...

Hi again Amanda, hope you are still safe & sound with power and heat! The wind is horribly gusting here as well, and ... omg ... we just got back from a trip out of town (you know how the midwest is, towns interspered by miles of open fields )- I was on edge the entire time lol

And I love Cecile's idea of a good, romantic foot rub with a side of hot, steaming cocoa ;)

Genella deGrey said...

Ya know Amanda, it's so hard to concentrate on your posts with Thomas staring at me from the right hand side with those stunning blue peepers of his.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey Ms. A,
Just checking in to see how things are up north! I hope all is well with you and your family.
Hope the hubs is rubbing those feets of yours while you sip on your cocoa...
Well, I just wanted to check in!
Wishes and prayers that everything is going ok!
Ms. C

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks for the good thoughts and Mary , you stay inside if you can!! This storm was wicked!
Its sunshine today , but temps are frigid and deadly--still almost the entire area is in its third day of no school!

They said this morning they hoped tohave the rural roads plowed by evening-that 70 % of families out there were still stuck at home because of drifting two days ago.

Gratefully,my family (deposited at various spots across the state) were in their homes safe & sound-so I could sleep;)

Can you believer how quickly the days are passing? Soon we'll be into 2010!

Amazingly, I am getting my holiday shopping accomplished and working on another proposal. I need to write a story based on the Beltane festival or May Day-spring festival--but I have to admit, its a wee bit difficult to imagine as I stare out at the mountains drifts below in my yard...but I'll get there...

Any of the rest of you getting seasonal weather?