Monday, December 14, 2009

I actually read a book!

I actually took time to read a book, or How a book snagged me form the first page and I have the dark circles under my eyes to prove it...

It's no great surprise that I have eclectic tastes. In my music, reading, movies and even clothes;)

I know that you're supposed to read what you write, but quite often I am inspired by the variety, rather than reading more of what I want to write--for some reason it works in the opposite for me--expanding the possibilities--giving new meaning to the what if..the research materials will give me the details and facts , but it's by reading a variety of books, from research to fiction--that opens up my imagination.

Okay, so there's  a sneak peek into my head, like it or not;) But I do have a point...stay with me now...

This past week we had three snow days. Now, admittedly, that was for my kids, not me, but with kids at home, and the holidays around the corner, I found my sleeping pattern out of whack. To add to that, I picked up a book that I bought from an author I met first at RT a couple of years ago. Her second book, The Price looked intriguing and at RWA this past year I found her at the signing and picked up The Harrowing.

What would you call this? On the back cover, Kirkus reviews says, "Poltergeist Meets the Breakfast Club"
That's pretty close.

It was this book that kept me awake into the wee hours of the night. I finished it in one night. Now, I do happen to enjoy the psychological thriller type movie and frankly, I'd never read a psycho-thriller book--but the Harrowing will have you pushing through to see what will happen to a "discarded" group of college students left behind in an old, massive dorm that is harboring a deadly secret of its own.

The author, Alexandria Sokoloff, is also a screenwriter as well and it is clear in her wrting that not only are you reading a riveting story--you are experiencing it as well. If you like movies like The Sixth Sense, The Others, Premonition...then you are going to understand my praises of this gem of an author!

Highly Recommended:
The Harrowing
Alexander Sokoloff
St Martins Press
ISBN 13: 978-0-312-35749-8

I'm nearly finished with her second book, The Price--which is just as amazing! And this is a genre I've never read! Its in its second printing and if you pick it up you'll see why.