Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday reading!

Disclaimer: I barely know this author, I rarely read this genre, but I know when a book pushes me to turn the pages, that it's a good read! I love Sokoloff's unique and fresh stories--defintely not the same ol', same ol'....(oh, btw...this is not my living room, but I would love it , if it were!!)

Continuing my journey into the Alexandra Sokoloff's psycho-thriller type books, I just finished her second book, THE PRICE. A brilliant piece of work, the premise being what if there was available the potential to save the life of a loved one from certain death?  To what lengths would we be willing to go to change the realistic outcome?

I love to read romance, but I have learned that there are a number of ways to say "I love you." What would a mother do for her dying child? What would a husband do for his suffering wife? Another psychological gem that twists and turns-pushing the reader to its startling conclusion!

Check out THE PRICE, by Alexander Sokoloff

My 2009 shortlist of great books I've read this year:
*in no particular order

The Club  - Sharon Page
The Virgins Secret  - Victoria Alexander
The Rogues Game- Renee Bernard
Vying the Viscount -Emily Bryan
The Harrowing-Alexander Sokoloff
Christmas Knight-Christina Skye *re-released in a duet this year! Yay!

And for those looking for a little something to add to that last minute gift--
Diary of Cozette
Winters Desire
are all still available!! If you'll send me an email , I"ll be happy to send you a personalized bookplate
and some info about my upcoming new book--THE MASTER & THE MUSES!

May you enjoy the warmth of a good read this holiday!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey my dear sister friend! I will check into this book, only for the fact that this book got your attention and you are on to number 2 already. Quiet a task for this author, lol!!! And it is a small step into the "out of my comfort zone" book... and who better to trust than a friend!!!
And of course you know I am dying waiting for TM&TM to come out!!!!!
I hope you are having an awesome week honey!

Amy C said...

I'm always looking for something new to read. I know my romances and fantasies, those are fairly easy to find, but it's the other that I'm never sure who to buy and if I'd like it. So, I'll add The Price to my list and look into it :). Thanks for the suggestion.