Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

is to say thank you to all the cards and email well wishes for a happy holiday. Your kindness, joy for reading and support is such a blessing and one of the best gifts that keeps on giving all year long.;)

I hope to offer you even more fun and innovatove stories in the new year with Private Party (April 2010) The Master & the Muses (June 2010) and Torins' story--Forbidden Pleasures (September 2010).

To each of you, my wish for a healthy, happy holiday filled with all the peace and contentment each of you deserves.

May there be a little magic, a little wonder, and an awakening of your inner passion!

You are true gifts!



M.A.D. said...

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Amanda!!! We all think you're pretty special, too :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Same to you, Mary and stay warm! Are they predicting more snow for your way?


Amy C said...

Mery Christmas, Amanda :)

And Thank You! I think your pretty special too. I'm looking forward to this new year...Torin's story :), and of course, The Master and The Muses! It'll be exciting to see the completed book sitting on the shelf at the bookstore!

Amanda McIntyre said...

I couldnt have done that one without you , Amy!

Hey I made some cinnamon ornaments! the house smells wonderful!!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey Ms. A! (((hugs to you sister friend))) You know I wish you and your family a very blessed, warm, love filled Christmas!! May you be blessed with the love of family and friends!
Have a great day honey!

Genella deGrey said...

Look at all the goodies you have coming out next year!

Who's the SantAmanda, now???