Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Coffee Talk: Sabrina, webmistress of CHEEKY READS!

I met Sabrina at an RT convention and was immediately drawn to her genuine enthusiasum and smile.

When I found her again online at CHEEKYREADS , I could see that she runs her blog with the same sincerety and fun that exemplifies her persona!

Now I do have the coffeepot a perkin', but I have to be honest, this whole "peppermint mocha" thing Sabrina has going is looking mighty tempting!!  For those of you with Starbucks nearby, I suspect you already know what I'm referring to...for those of us out here in the rural heartland...well, we may have to settle for the bottled variety..*sob.

Noentheless, when its chilly outside and the weatherman even mentions the "S" word in a nearby state, its hard not to start thinking of the holidays! (never mind that most stores are already decked out--as it were--with boughs of holly!!)  And then there is that most famous parade of all--Macy's gearing up just around the corner in the states.

And yes, I admit, I have gone through one round of Yankee candle Christmas tree scent...I'm a sucker for pine trees (frasers to be precise)...but I digress...Reading Sabrina's blog today has sparked a new direction for me this year(I know, right? You'd think as an author I'd head straight for books!)

But her advise is not only timely, but smart as well--becasue a book is not only entertainment--but an investment!  So, I'm writing up my questions to ask Sabrina and hoping if we have any booksellers or former bookseller clerks in the crowd they will pipe up with their holiday gift ideas also!!

And so warm up your mugs of whatever is keeping you warm (they havent yet found a coffee brew to label, "man candy," have they?) relax with the fireplace to  keep your toes toasty and let's hear what Sabrina has to share with us today!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much to Amanda for having me here today.

I’ve got my peppermint mocha right here, a sure sign that it’s that time of year again, and I can’t wait to chat! For some, just the mention that the holidays are upon us will bring about groans of frustration. Most of the time those bad reactions are aimed at one thing…holiday shopping.

Well, this year there will be no groans coming from my direction and no last minute mall trip either. Why is that? Because I’ve discovered the ultimate save your sanity, holiday shopping idea – BUY BOOKS FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

I’m not joking. If you’ve never seriously considered the awesomeness that a bookstore can hold during the holidays then I’m here to help you out.

First off, book stores have such great ambiance. Ever been to a mall during the holidays only to feel more stressed out and confused about your gift selections than before you went? Take a peek into your local bookstore and you’ll hear cheerful holiday music playing, see festive holiday decorations and smell the aromas coming from the cafĂ©. It makes for one pretty awesome shopping experience.

I know what you’re thinking. “Well yeah, it’s got all that but there’s no way I can get most, or even all, of my shopping done in one place.”

Au Contraire, Mon Fraire!

Have a niece that loves Twilight? Most bookstores carry tons of Twilight items from cool bags to notebooks and everything in between. Even better? Check out the YA section and find her another paranormal series to sink her teeth in. Not only will you be crossing her off your holiday list, but you’ll be fostering a love of books that will last a lifetime.

(*Is your niece Kristina Cook/Astor, by chance?;))

What about that manly man in your life? Think he’s not a bookie? Has he always wanted to travel? Then a glossy travel guide or picture book of the places he dreams of going would be a great gift. Does he love beer? Trick question, I know. What about a Brew your own beer guide or microbrew connoisseur book? There are so many book themes that cross my mind – books on cigars, sports biographies, joke books, etc. Just think about it and I’m sure you’ll think of the perfect theme.

Have young children to buy for? What better gift than to introduce them to the classics you loved as a kid! What kid doesn’t love coloring and activity books? Most stores also carry very cool stuffed animals and toys that coincide with popular book series.

Your girlfriends will love you if you introduce them to a new-to-them romance author. Wouldn’t the holidays be a perfect time to pick out one book to buy for all your friends and invite them over to discuss it after the New Year? You’ll have jump started your very own book club with the coolest chicks you know and a book you’ve hand selected! It’s a gift that could keep on giving every month at book club meetings. Oh, and make sure the wine flows at your meetings, it’ll make the book discussions that much more fun!

See? You really could make a huge dent in your holiday shopping list with just one stop. What’s more, they’ll be personal gifts you’ve picked especially for your friends and family. You’ll be fostering a love of books and helping support your favorite bookstore! Oh, and one last plus – you’ll be supporting authors. It’s kind of like sending them a gift for the holidays too.

(* So true, so true! What an utterly mahvelous idea, darling!!;))  What? I was just agreeing...)

So, tell me who’s on your list this year that you think will be hard to buy for? I’ll be here all day to offer advice! I’ll be working on my own list as well and would love any suggestions you have.

I raise my mocha to toast to a happier holiday shopping experience.

Happy Holidays!
Sabrina @ CheekyReads
 Doesnt this look yummy?
Want more "yummy?"
To ring in the holiday shopping we're giving away a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card to one lucky commenter today!

Let's talk books!!  My thanks to Sabrina for stopping in today!

*Note: there will be no Thursday Coffee Talk on Thur. Nov. 25 so that we can all enjoy the holiday with family and friends. All the best of all you need this season! ~Love, Amanda