Monday, November 30, 2009

The Morning After

There may be a few of you who remember the song from that movie The Poesiden Adventure? Well it tracks pretty close to the Monday morning silence of a quiet house after four days of chatter, laughing, eating, cooking, running to the store...again, making up extra beds, and last but not leaset , taking advantage of the nice weather to put up that fresh evergreen roping that you bought from your nephews school fundraiser.

There's an eerie silence this morning as its just me and the critters in the house, and if I'm not mistaken, even they, too, are zonked out from the hubbub;)

Still, I wouldn't trade those precious moments for the world and for a few days, I slept like a log having all my chicks under one roof.

This morning, they are out there making a difference in their worlds-and I-- in mine.

I can return to focus on the two novellas and my next novel for Spice-The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane. A story of an American journalist who goes to Victorian London to make a name in the publishing world, and ends up being sedcued by the very darkness she seeks to expose.

More this week:
Thursdays Coffee Talk will feature author, good friend and sister fae (from the Romantic Times faery Ball) Eden Robins. You don't want to miss this one! Inspiring and honest, Eden shares the latest in her writing journey and her life.

Feel free to pick up the new widget for The Master & the Muses, if you like! The countdown has begun and I am very excited for this one!  Thomas Rodin, an eccentric, iconic, creative lover and artist, has few boundries when it comes to his passion. What would it take to tame such a man?

Each novella tells the story of three different women caught up in the reckless desire and unabashed romance of the Pre-Raphaelite era! Helen, Sara and Grace, all three would serve as his inspiration...and he would be their obsession...but only one would capture his heart.

Watch for more here and on my website for excerpts and the fascinating background of my research on this one!

Have a good Monday all!