Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Coffee Talk: Author, Caridad Pineiro!!!

Vivacious, genuine, smart, talented to boot--and a true delight--all of these describe my guest today at Coffee Talk!  Caridad Pineiro has a slew of backlist titles and a range in writing that would make your head spin! On top of that, she is a top-notch lawyer and a mom, mentor, and advocate all rolled into one.

No pressure. Ha! But she seems to handle it with ease and charm (I'm waiting for her how-to workshop!!)

 So come on in, pull up a comfy  chair and grab your cuppa! It's the week before Samhain(woooooo) and we've got Caridad Pineiro in the House!!

Let's talk about Vamps and Orbs, shall we?

My name is Caridad Pineiro and I have a confession to make. I’m a Buffy fanatic. Seems somehow appropriate for a paranormal writer. In my case, it’s actually the reason I’m a paranormal writer. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say, I’m a paranormal romantic suspense writer.

I started off writing contemporary romances, but inevitably found that I was always trying to put something dark in the stories, from a serial killer to an athlete trying to deal with a career-threatening injury.

And then came Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I actually discovered the television program by accident as I was channeling my absent husband and surfing through the television stations. As I flipped, I ran across a rather stunning young blonde and very handsome man doing a martial arts routine that slowly morphed into a very sexually tense scene. I was hooked!

I not only watched all of that season (number three), but managed to find recordings of seasons one and two. I watched, transfixed as Buffy battled both her inner demons and the real life ones on the screen. I laughed and I cried. I was amazed at how the writers had used the demons and Buffy’s battles to create metaphors to represent the issues faced by teenagers in high school. Universal issues with which I could still identify as an adult.

I realized from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer that in a paranormal world there were more ways in which I could explore the real nature of my characters and up the ante with respect to the personal demons they faced in the story. I also realized that adding a little suspense was the perfect combination to let me to really push the characters to their extremes and allow them to rise to the challenges of the story.

The other thing that Buffy taught me was to think ahead about where I wanted to take the stories. For example, at the end of season three as Faith, a rogue slayer, is battling Buffy, she says to Buffy “Miles to go - Little Ms. Muffet counting down from 7-3-0.” Didn’t mean much to anyone at the time except maybe Joss Whedon, but 730 days later in season five Buffy took a swan dive off a tower to save her sister and the world.

In other words, through all those seasons there was a bigger story arc at work that was going to lead the characters to that momentous event. Another important lesson learned. Every time I start a series I map out a larger story arc that will allow me to develop a series of stories that stand alone, but which also connect and form a multi-book story for readers to follow.

Buffy inspired me and set me on a new path with my writing. I guess that’s another lesson learned – never box yourself into a corner and always be willing to explore something different. You never know where it will take you.

I want to thank my dynamite friend, Caridad for stopping in today! I love chatting with her any chance I can get! And, even better, the woman is generous!! 

 So today...for the first person who can name the hero in SINS OF the FLESH--Caridad is sending out a T-shirt and book!! 
(* isn't that a killer cover?;)

Now, tis the season---and  I want to try to get Caridad to share a bit too, about and incident at a recent convention and apparently closer to home as well--just in time for Halloween. The strange occurance of "orbs!!"  Whether or not you happen to believe in supernatural things--you cannot deny even from an intellectual standpoint how interesting it is! 

Come on , lets coax her into telling us about those recent experiences and maybe some of yours!!!!



Cheeky Girl said...

The hero's name is Mick and he sounds sexy!

Great post! I loved Buffy too and loved how it helped you with your writing.

Congrats on your new release!

Cheeky Girl said...

And I want to hear about the Orbs!

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Okay CheekyGirl got it! Mick.. But still this is awesome.
Morning to you Ms. A! How are things going?
Believe it or not, I have never seen a buffy show. ***ducks head to miss items being thrown at me** I know I know... But at least I am admitting it, lol!
Thank you for having Ms Pineiro over here today. The coffee is delicious and warm! So, how do we get some stories from Ms. Pineiro... humm... Please and giving you puppy dog eyes possibly!
I'll be back to see what she has to say!!
I hope the both of you are having a great day!

Genella deGrey said...

Hi girls!

I've only caught orbs on film, so I need to hear Caridad's experience, too.


Amanda McIntyre said...

Ive never looked closely at pics where orbs might have been involved, now I want to go back and look at pics from French Lick springs resort--reported to have a number of ghosts that hang out.

I've only ever had that hair stand up on the back of your neck experinece--which if you go my Sixth sense terms means a presence is nearby.


Caridad Pineiro said...

Thanks Amanda for having me and for everyone who came by to visit. I loooove Buffy. My office is filled with Buffy memorabilia. But no orbs.

Nope, those pesky orbs showed up in other places. Like DragonCon beneath an angel wing and at my daughter's Quinecanera (the Cuban equivalent of a Sweet Sixteen). You can check out the photos here:

At my daughter's party, the orbs weren't visible to the eye, but showed up on several different cameras. Plus, a friend who can sense things said the inn was haunted.

After seeing the photos, I could believe that.

How about you? Any bumps in the night? How do you feel about the paranormal? Are monsters scarier than humans? I wrote SINS OF THE FLESH for you to consider just that!

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Now that you mention that... I was in the process the other day of downloading my daughters sweet 16 bday party pictures to shutterfly (which did not go smoothly) but anyway... there is one picture that was taken of us walking from the yard to the garage (where the party was) and you should see all the orbs in the picture... Hummm... When party is over... might have to post that one!

Amanda McIntyre said...

YOu live down there where I imagine there is a lot of activity, Ms. C. That mansion, for example that has such an amazing history.

The last time I can recall sensing a presence was at the Lemp Mansion in St Louis. I've been there more than a number of times on various occasions, but this time was more evident. If you read the history of this family, there is a lot of unrest and tragedy associated with the house, so its no great wonder.

As to your question, Caridad, thats a good one. I think its perceived that with monsters, you see what you're getting, whereas with humans--you never really know what lies beneath the surface.

Then again, does that give monsters a bad rap?;)


Caridad Pineiro said...

Some monsters definitely get a bad rap, like some of vampires! But I think humans are much scarier than monsters, maybe because we don't expect them to behave so cruelly. They can be much creepier and definitely more hurtful.

Cheeky Girl said...

I think people are much more scary than monsters! Just read the news to see that.

The orbs in photos reminded me of something that just happended to me while on my trip to Ireland.

I was taking photos of a fairy tree with ribbons and trinkets tied to it, and when I looked at the photos there were red/orange little twinkle lights all in the tree.

They were not there when I looked at the tree - but hey are there in the photos.

I do think my new older house has something going on in it. It just a feeling I get in certain rooms when I'm alone or when hubby is asleep.

Caridad Pineiro said...

Ack! That would freak me out, Cheeky Girl. I had a horrible experience in an old cottage in Mystic, CT. Heard chanting and saw a Puritan man hanging from the rafters. I forced my hubby to leave the place in the middle of the night because of how afraid I was. He won't ever let me live that night down.

Amanda McIntyre said...

I think you're right on that score, Caridad. I need to get this book asap! Its intriguing me all the more!! LOL

Cheeky, now fairies, there is another matter all together and I do believe in those as well!
I could defintely see where you would encounter that phenomena in Ireland (you luckly girl!!!)

Yet tehre is a real love/hate thing going on with Vampires, too, don't you think?

Someone told me recently that the market is saturated with vampires and readersa are tiring of them--do you find that to be the case? Would love readers to weigh in on this.

Cheeky--what is the history of your house? Have you checked?

Amanda M

Caridad Pineiro said...

I hear different opinions on the whole vampire thing - glutted and still hot. I think if it's a good story, it doesn't matter to a reader, but it might be difficult to sell. When I decided to try something different, I really pushed to find something "paranormal" that was actually possible. There are lots of things in SINS (like Cat's glowing skin) that seem unlikely, but are actually happening now thanks to science.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Well, I agree with Caridad, if the story is good, it will sell. Because look at all the different type of readers you have out here. I mean we are just a few in the millions that are out there. And what one likes might not be what someone else likes, even though they claim to both love paranormal. Weird. But true. Give me a tortured soul hero and kick ass heroine and I am happy camper. But you start making the "world" that they are in hard to believe or make to much out of it that it is not plausible, then there is a problem... I will believe anything... as long as you believe what you write! The romance of it all... has to tie in... and the love/hate... doesn't matter what creature you write about, it is all (for the most part) about male/female relationships!
Vampire, mystical creatures, shapeshifters, normal humans, whatever... a story is a story... the way you weave it is what works!!!

Lady_Graeye said...

Gosh, I'm alittle off today! Must be the rainy weather! Great interview! I love Buffy too.

We bought a house a few years before we were married. The realator told us that the former owner had passed away in the house several years before we bought it. He wasn't a very nice man according to the neighbors, always yelling at his wife and kids. Nothing ever happen in the house until we had our twins. When our twins were infants we had them in the same crib for a few months. One night when they were only a few weeks old we put them to bed around 2 after the feeding. They both took pacifers and we put them down we placed them at the corners of the bed. I woke up to find each one of them had their pacifers placed in their mouths, they both sucking away contently. My husband hadn't gotten up. My older daughters were to small to reach the cribs. So we were totally confused. We laughed it off and from that point off we always claimed that Mr. Boeh, the former dead owner, had did it. From that point on, anytime things happened we would blame it on Mr Boeh. Believe me, there were alot of strange little things that happened. The T.V. would come on in the middle of the night; the radio would too. The garage door would go up and down without anyone doing it. You would feel cold air in certain parts of the room randomly. The dog would bark at something in a room when there was nothing there. Just really weird stuff! But this entity always took care of the kids. We would a find missing toy reappearing on a table, uncovered kids recovered back up and lullabies sung into the night. We figured he must had been repenting his sins. All the neighbors knew about Ol' Mr. Boeh!

Eleven years later we bought a newer, bigger house for us to move into. I was alone, I repeat alone, in the old house doing final cleaning when the weirdest things happened! I was vacuuming with a canister vacuum with an on/off switch on the canister. When vacuuming the machine kept getting turned off, not unplugged but turned off at the cannister. I turn it on and start vacuuming and it would go off again. It freaked me out! I ran upstairs as fast as I could. That wasn't the end of it. I went on with my cleaning when the dog wanted out. I opened the door (leaving it open and unlocked) and went out on the deck with the dog. Suddenly the door slammed! I went to open it and the damn thing was locked! I went around to the front, it was locked too. I had to climb through a window to get back in!! Finally I screammed into the house, " I'm sorry we are leaving you Mr. Boeh! We've outgrown this house and we need another! I'm sorry!" From that point on, the house was quiet. I thought he might move with us but he didn't.

The house became a rental house and I always wondered if he would visit them too. We never warned them but renters never stayed long either!

kmt1976 said...

I really enjoy stories that are connected. It makes me feel as if the characters are real!
As for orbs, I rolled down a hill in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago in a Zorb, is that the same thing?

Amanda McIntyre said...

Whoa, Lady Greye--that is one seriously strange tale! Does make you wonder.

Karin,Im intrigued. What is a zorb and is a New Zealnad pastime?


kmt1976 said...

A Zorb is a big ball and the rider in inside it.

Caridad Pineiro said...

Lady Greye that is some story! At least he was a good ghost. Karin - LOL! I saw your Zorb. No way would I do that! These are spirit orbs - spirits you catch in photos. Very interesting.

kmt1976 said...

Oh, those blurry things? My husband says that is because I am no holding the camera steady :>)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Wow, those look like a blast! Except for the part where I'd likely hurl afterwards. Thats the closest thing to a human "gerbil" ball that I've ever seen!LOL

Fun! BUt yeah--totally different than a spirit orb--except you very well could jostle up your own riding in one of these things...

kmt1976 said...

I was very glad that I hadn't eaten breakfast before taking the 'ride'

Genella deGrey said...

Caridad – That's great that you wrote "Sins of the Flesh" for us to consider the existence of the paranormal. I wrote "Remember Me" with the though that people might consider "spirit" to be real, too--Angels, demons, etc.

The sensing of spirits can be different for each person.

For me, the air around me gets heavy – kind of like humid, but without the moisture. Other times I feel the emotion of the entity – sad, curious, frantic, etc.

When I walk through a cemetery, the spirits (still stuck there for whatever reason) like to let me know how they died. For instance, suddenly it might be hard for me to breathe, or I find a pain somewhere on my body- my throat, head, heart or abdomen.

The one time I was able to explore a Civil War battle field, I asked the lingering spirits to tell me how they died. One of them had me feel a ball in my upper/inner thigh right at the point of a major artery. I acknowledged that he'd bled to death and the feeling went away. Another had me feel the ball in the side of my lung. I acknowledged that his lungs filled with blood and he suffocated, and again, the feeling went away.

One time I was on the Queen Mary at night after a party. I was walking along the upper decks when the hair on my body totally stood on end. I found out later that I had passed through an entity.

Also, we have a favorite B & B to stay at when we go to Tombstone, AZ. The lady spirit who haunts the room we stay in sends us her lilac perfume every night between 2 and 4. Not to mention that we hear someone walking up and down on a wooden walkway just outside our window – that isn’t there. It's now cement, but you would SWARE those cowboy boot noises are making contact with wood.

I think they just like to be noticed and/or acknowledged, just like Mr. Boeh did to Lady Greye when she was finishing up cleaning the house. I think he wanted you to know that he didn't really want you to leave, but he also didn't want you to leave without saying good-bye. And you did a very good thing by telling him what was what. Not many people know it's OK to do that. Great job, Lady Greye!

They say the vale is thinner between worlds on Samhain, but I'm of the thought that it's always there if we know what to look for.


Genella deGrey said...

Holy cow, that was long-winded.

Genella deGrey said...

Oh, yeah, one more thing - I can tell if the entity is male or female.

Caridad Pineiro said...

Wow, Genella! I could have used you in that cottage in Mystic. Thank you all for dropping by to chat with me and a big thank you to my wonderful host Amanda. You rock!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Okay the whole cottage story has me a little freaked. Did you ever happen to find out any history of that area? Or maybe it was better left untouched?

I wnat to thank Caridad for stopping by TCT and letting us get to know her a bit better!! Be sure to check out SINS OF THE FLESH !!!!

I'll have Caridad choose a winner from the comments and I'll post it later today!

Be safe out there and Happy Samhain everyone!!!

Amanda M.

Sharla Long said...

I love the stories, I don't have any to share but think the orbs are quite possibly spirits. I can hope. On the vampire topic, you know they are hated/loved, there is a major saturation of the market but a well-written vamp is still as sexy and intriguing today as five years ago!

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