Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Samhain!!!

Traditionally, Samhain is celebrated with the gathering of a bonfire set high on a hill for all to see and be drawn to...well, today we have some CELTIC HEAT of a different kind....

in celebration of SAMHAIN, may you be safe, prosperous and may your passion always be aflame!

To the bad boys of Ireland
we give you our praise

for the pleasure you've given us
in our nights and our days...

For the heat that you spark,
with but a glint in your eye.

Can cause even the coldest of women to sigh.

Tis a gift , to be sure
this fever you bring-

as ancient as Samhain
with it's ritual kings.

Fierce runs the blood
in your veins for a fight

but fiercer still your passion
with your women--at night.

Tender your words when spoken in love
but your trust is gained through merit above

In celebration of Samhain
the ancient fires we keep,                      

in our hearts, you're the spark
of our fantasies deep!

Safe and Happy Samhain!