Sunday, October 25, 2009

But by the moments.....

I have finished my first pass through of edits on The Master & The Muses.  I have a particular fondness of this story like no other book I've written. Perhaps it is the growth I've experienced while on the journey of research and creating the characters...or perhaps because it hits so close to home of my artistic side. (yes, I kept open containers of linseed and turpentine in my office as inspiration!)

I think it is secretly because I could identify with them in their quest to follow their gut, to color outside the box--as it were. With gratitude, something that my editors at Spice have so graciously encouraged.

Of course, as do all authors, I hope this book endears itself to readers as much as it has become special to me.

 It is based loosely on the antics of the real-life Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. A group of twenty-something, like-minded rebellious artists who turned the English art world on its ear with their attitude and method of painting.

They were a rowdy group and often in trouble with the critics, caused all manner of trouble, but they perservered the naysayers and produced some of the most famous and timeless paintings that remain as brilliant today, as they were then.

Eccentric and scandelous, they were non-conventional and yet embraced all of nature as the center of their beliefs. Their work featured true colors, real, images, outspoken topics--rather than what was taught in the well-known art academies of the day.

And their social lives reflected as much of their quest for individuality, passion and beauty, as did their work.

I look forward to sharing THE MASTER & THE MUSES with you this coming June 2010. It features, Thomas Rodin, budding artist from Diary of Cozette and the stories of three of the women who posed for him, during the height of his art career.

They are his passion.
                       He is their obsession.