Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Morning Coffee Talk

Got your cuppa beside you?

It's a new blog day at House of Muse:  Thursday Morning Coffee Talk. I realized that much of the time my blog revolves around my writing and my books, but very little about me or my life. Not that its a made-for TV movie mind you, but I have to wonder sometimes! ;)  And if not me--what about my friends???

Stay in your jamiies or sweats-grab your cuppa and lets see where this goes...

The idea came to me after speaking to some friends this week, I decided to open up the back door of HOM (where the real friends always come know ) and invite you in for a cuppa joe or some tea before we start our day.

You bet that we  will  talk hunky guys and steamy excerpts on other days, but I wanted one day-- Thursday as a  "grounding" day-- a "check in to reality" day to realize share our gifts and the gifts of others that inspire us  to reach higher, to give back, to be grateful. I don't know yet exactly who will be my guests, but I think the possibilities are intriguing!

Okay, on that note...lets talk for a moment about CRAP days...We all have them. Those days when you wonder why you got out of bed. One of those days that makes you ask, well, what more could possibly happen? ;) (and usually does!)

And then it happens...a thread of light, a glimmer of insight. An unexpected email or phone call from a good friend, saying hey, I was just thinking about you. Do you need to talk? A message from the Universe to remember that despite what it seems, you are not alone and that  this too shall pass. 

Now understand, that sometimes what "we" perceive as bad days are fueled by our tunnel vison, right? We get so wrapped up in our percieved problems, our goals and desires that its difficult to push through and see what else is happening beyond our little bubble.

Two things brought this to light for me in the last twenty-four hours. One, I ran across an article in a newspaper.  It was an  interview from a mother in our community whose young adult son was recently killed in a accidental house fire.  He wasn't the most stellar kid growing up insoafr as public accolades and achievements, but he was a good kid, a kind person, a loving son, brother and friend.

Now I dont share this as a downer to the morning --far from it.  I dont know what else could possibly jar you back to the reality of priorities more than that. Just when you think your life is so bad-you realize just how much worse it could be--and is, for some people. Count your blessings.

The second came late last night through my email, as I sat staring bleary-eyed at the screen, pondering more than I ought to--the mystery's of life.  The email was from my eldest son. The subject line:
"This is the one that got the best feeling. I think its the way I am going to go."   It was a picture of the ring he and his girlfriend had looked at (out of many I got the feeling ;)  and the one he is planning to give her at a time and place undisclosed to anyone at this time.  He is a hopeless romantic.. who knew?  I teared up as I looked at the image and knew how much he has thought about this, how they have discussed the possibility. How really wise and sensible they've been.  I thought of having a daughter-in-law...and yes, I thought of grandchildren. Wow. More coffee.

But it brought me back to reality. To how much I have to be grateful for. How incrediably richer than Midas I am in so many ways. Here is a kid,(no longer a kid but a man) that when he was I think, about third grade, when asked what he wanted to do when he grew up wrote, "Have a family." 

I see how he treats women, especially his girlfriend, his grandmothers, his mom and his friends.  I see how hard-working he is, how he uses his talents, and gives back, and I think to myself, somehow you managed to raise a real life hero. He is meticulously planning out how he is going to proprose to her and  I'll keep you posted as to what brilliant scheme he comes up with!;)

As one who writes romance, you hear often about the "heroes" at home. And I am no exception.  My poor dh got an earful last night and I realized how blessed I am to have such a man who really listens and then calmly offers his objective insight (which is brilliant and spot on most of the time) giving me new perspective. I love him like no other and while he may not "look" like the guys on the covers that I sooo love to write about, every one of my heroes possesses a quality of that man I married.

So my morning coffee is almost drained and I have a pile of edits awaiting and a slew of emails to answer. Its overcast here, been raining, a good day to remember what is of real value and importance in your life. Of being grateful for the things and people in your life that support and make all the yuk days flee.

Anyone else have an interesting day recently? Have a dilemma that you want feedback on?
Anyone just want to ask for some support in good thoughts or well wishes to something going on in your life or someone you know?  Do you have an accomplishment (big or small) that we can celebrate with you?  Discuss...

Good talk~