Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday CoffeeTalk-September 10 Guest: Amy Cummings

Today, I've invited my friend, Amy Cummings in for a cuppa coffee and a chance to get to know Amy a bit better.  Many of you know Amy from her beautiful reader/reviewer site, Romance BookWyrm. 

Today she is here, visiting with us about being a parent and that all too familiar "first day of school" syndrome that we've all likely experienced one way or another--for some, perhaps many times over.;) (Oh, that would be me!)  So let me pour Amy a  steaming cuppa fresh coffee and we'll get started!

When Amanda first asked if I'd like to guest blog on her new Thursday segment, I thought, "Yeah! That would be great!" I can't start my day without my morning cuppa coffee!" But then I thought, "Oh no, what could I possibly have to talk about." And then it came to me on Monday as I went through my sons school stuff, making sure all's in order for his first day back to school! And that would be the significance of what a new school year holds for me. Shopping for school supplies and clothes. New shoes. The hair cut. I've already had to rebuy a few things. Either the backpack wasn't the right one or the lunch box was too big. And I still need to by him new underdrawers! Gotta have new ones for the start of a new year! Taking a few days to get us back on a morning wake-up and bedtime schedule.

The big yellow school buses are out and about. The school speed zones are once again flashing. Life is once again in full speed. When you yourself are in school, your life revolves around the school years, but then you graduate, become part of the working world and each day, month, year becomes just another one. None really hold the same significance as they do when you are in school. But then you become a parent, and you revert back to that way of thinking. September and June mark the beginning and end. July and August are times to relax and have fun, be lazy and sleep in. Stay up late with your friends.

Back to school signifies many things. It's actually a very exciting and special time. For me, it marks the beginning of a new year, rather than January. My baby is one grade higher. One year older. And this year is a very special one. It's his last year in elementary school. He's taken on somewhat of a new look with his hair. I've finally stopped shaving his head and am letting him grow it out some, so he can have his own style. Poor kid has curly hair like his mamma! He is his own person and it's time I step back and let him have some more say with respect to his personal appearance. It may seem like an easy thing, but it's not! It means I'm one step closer to letting my baby go and be the man he will be. I do look forward to that, and I don't dwell on him growing up and missing when he was a baby, but it is scary to see how fast time does go by. I know I'm overprotective, and he is even beginning to notice and comment! *Gasp*! My own child is telling me I need to back off ! (just a bit!)

Back to school also signifies the beginnings of Fall. I love Fall. The crispness in the air. The foliage in all its splendor. I love a cloudy day, with a little sun peeking through here and there, shining down on the leaves that litter the yards, the roads. And with the onset of Fall, begins the count down to three most celebrated holidays of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and the big one, Christmas! Not to mention it's the time of year that I'm a year older too :). Luckily, my child doens't think I'm old yet! Unlike me with my mom. The other day we were out to lunch and the waiter did that super quick run-down of the salad dressing, you know how they say them so darn fast. Well, he was giving the list to my mom and she just got this look on her face and then she looked at me with total confusion. The first thing out of my mouth to the waiter was, "Umm, she's getting old and hard of hearing, could you please say them a little louder and slower." Oh man, my mom couldn't do anything but laugh! I think I embarrassed the waiter! He apologized and got down to where he was at her eye level and said them again! It was all quite comical :).

Back to school means so much more to me than just another school year for my son. It's a beginning. A countdown. A change of season.

If you have kids in school, what does back to school mean to you? And if not, is there a time of year that holds more significance than any other?
Thank you, Amanda, for letting me be here today and for sharing a cuppa coffee with me!
*Thanks Amy for stopping in at the breakfast table for a quick cuppa!  I've been having a lot of those "moments" these days as I watch all my children getting taller than me!;))  Eek!

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