Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Coffee Talk: Sept.24 Cecile Smith

First, I want to thank Ms. Amanda for having me over today. The coffee is brewing and it smells delicious. I guess I should tell you ladies that Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman are preparing the coffee and teas today. So, pull up a stool and put your drink order in!

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Ms. Amanda wanted me to pick a book that means a lot to me and share it with you why it does and how it effected me because of the characters... Inspire or empower... or both??

Now, I knew exactly what book I wanted. This book shook me to my core, made me look at myself and my relationships! This book made me see the highs of my life and the absolute low parts as well. This book made my heart swell with love and devotion and made me cower in a corner because I feel I do not do enough.

That book is BROKEN by Megan Hart.

It's a tragic and uplifting story about Adam and Sadie. They met in college and married soon after. A tragic accident leaves him a parapeligic. Newlyweds left with a decisions and uncertainty of their relations and their future.

Sadie is a woman after my own heart. She's a loyal person and a very devoted wife. She has two different sides to her… the facade she puts on for everyone else and one who wants desperately for her world to go back to normal.

I can really relate to her because don't we all have two sides of ourselves. I have my private side, the one that hardly anyone sees. The side of me that dreams of life being full of passion for my marriage. Then there is the public side of me... the one with a warm genuine smile on my face. (sometimes when life is a little hard, the smile might be fake.) I take things for what they are. I don't complain. I never play the victim of my circumstances. I will always try find the brighter side.

Sadie doesn’t want to bother people with her life. There are the things that cannot be changed. Life dealt her an unfair hand and she is playing those cards the best way she can. I am like that, too, not a complainer. What good does complaining accomplish? If anything it only feeds into bitterness, rage, hostility, and resentment. One thing that life has taught me is that I am the only person responsible for my happiness. No one else can make me unhappy.

Sadie tries to help her husband in many different ways and be there for him the best she can. Adam pushes her away and does not share his whole world with her. I could relate to that. I am a 'share-r' by nature and hubby is not. That is what I do; if I have something and you do not, I will give you mine. If you are sad, I will want to cheer you up... that's just me. I am an emotional person and hubby is not. So, I saw Sadie's hardship with Adam and I understood it. Adam's character made me take another look at my hubby, made me push pass things that I saw on the surface and go deeper. I admit, it wasn't easy, but I wanted to do it.

When I hit a rough spot, in life, I want to run. I love Sadie's character, because no matter what, she never gives up. Not even when things get the worst.

This is where true life for me comes in... because no matter what hubby and I go through, I will always be there... for him, with him, by him. I always tell him that God put us together for a reason, and it is not my reason to figure out... just my reason to go on.

Sadie in this book, inspired and empowered me. She made me take a look inside myself and look at the relationships I have around me. This story made me see what I have in front of me. Their story empowered me because it made me take my life in my own hands and left me feeling like anything is possible.

What book has inspired you... or has left you feeling empowered?

For those leaving a comment today, we'll be passing out a group of five yummy flavored coffee's to one lucky blogger, just in time for fall! Happy autumn everyone!

*from Amanda:
This is a great topic and one I'd love to hear more from you all about! One of my fav books is Romancing the Ordinary, by Saran Ban Breathnach-its an amazing insight to the human mind and spirit.
My thanks to Cecile for coming by to chat and share a cuppa.

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