Friday, September 11, 2009

Poetry Week: The Woman

I love it when the muse inspires! My good friend, Cecile, sent this to me, and gave me her permission to post it. I find it a lovely affirmation of the romantic soul in all of us who appreciate the power between a man and a I can't get the song, "When a Man loves a Woman" out of my head! ;))  Its a perfect ending to our week of poetry here at House of Muse! Thanks, Ms. Cecile!

The Woman.

He sees her looking out the window
to touch her, just one touch,
he would be a happy man.
to look into her eyes
to feel her soul
deep and emotional
he can love her the way she needs to be love
he would give of himself till there was nothing left
just for one touch from her

her heart of gold and warmth
for him to feel that would be the prize
he would complete her
she turned to him
and allowed him the touch
and said yes to his love
by Cecile