Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Midnight Musings- Poems of the Dark

Dark and sensual, the night wraps around us like liquid velvet. She encases us in her black splendor, offering up her very soul so that you may experience her rapturous embrace. She is the haunted whisper in your ear, the hot breath against your cheek, the power of seduction.

These are just a few from a book called "Collections." All poetry is original. Please email if you would like to reprint.

© Amanda McIntyre 2004
Sweet temptress fair
Sweet appetite
Seduced by amber eyes
Drink deep my love
Of passions muse
Cistern of sensual wish
O satisfy, thy lovers mouth
With honeyed nectar come
Blend deep into his warm embrace
Merge passion and soul
The tempest fire
O taste, immortal divine.

© Amanda McIntyre 2001
Preditors and Editors Best Poem 2001
Her heart stands still
When once she meets
The wolf in darkened glen
Tis but a dream
Torments her sleep
His gaze from deep within
For in her dreams, her destiny
In his eyes, she cannot deny-
To touch his soul and find her own
Of what is meant to be-
© Amanda McIntyre 2004
Come bring thou love
To ebony's heart
Come bring the light of day
Wisp of radiant peace
Come free my soul of darkened past
Pure love, but show the way
For what can stay
In purity's gaze
What evil shall remain?
Would love be victor?
Temptress? Fate?
Come morning's deadly light.

© Amanda McIntyre 2004
No boundaries, nor time
Dare draw nigh
To dark phantasms reign
Chained immortal
To seductions sighs
Atonement they shall bring