Saturday, September 19, 2009

Build a Hero Inspired short story

During the TORTURED blog tour in August, I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful readers and discovered the treasure of imagination that is out there! Is it any wonder that authors remain so inspired?
At Romance BookWyrm blog, my good friend, Amy alowed me to play  game which I called, "Build a Hero"-much like the build a bear in the mall...

Being the visual kind of person I am, I was curious to find out what  perception readers had about their "ultimate" hero--his physical description, demeanor--the whole package. The result was not only fun (we had a blast that day) but insightful as well.  There were so many amazing hero descriptions, all different and yet in some ways alike--it was extremly difficult to choose just one!

From that treasure trove of imagination I chose one to write a short story about, using the winners name as the heroine. I plucked a few more bits of information from the winner, Leontine R. from Netherlands and the muse then chose a Celtic vampyre, who time-travels during his feeding season and thus meets the love of his life-only to have her reject becoming immortal and of course, true love being what it is, he wants her to come to him willingly. He will have to wait centuries before a twist of fate brings them together again. Will she reject him again, or will she this time, accept his eternal proposal?

In conjunction with my winner Leontine (Leontines Book Realm) I'll be posting this story, called UNFORGETABLE,  here at House of Muse next week in a continuing story. (Exception will be on Thursday when we have Coffee Talk) the story will resume to its completeion on Friday. There is talk that Leontine is posting it as well on her blog in Novemeber. So if you miss part of it here--check it out there.  I ask that you do not repriont or copy this story unless you first get my approval. You can email me at to obtain permissions.

I'd like to start off the weekend with Leontine's description  of her magnificent hero. You'll see why she won!

 Here is Leontine's winning description:

Build: 6'4 (I like ‘em tall) teal blue eyes, ebony wavy hair falling onto muscular shoulders. He has sensuous curved lips that hardly smile and a four o'clock shadow.  He is broad chest, tapered waste, long, strong legs and a tribal tattoo covering his right shoulder. His chest is dusted with hair in a V shape and trails down in a small line to disappear in his designer jeans. He doesn’t care all that much what he wears as longs as it is of the finest quality. He is a take charge kind of man, sometimes bordering on Neanderthal behavior. He is confident, oozes enough stamina for men to step aside and women to be immediately drawn to him. He is smart, likes to live on the dangerous side but also enjoys to read the classics in his cabin. He is rough, tough but never forgets his family or his responsibilities.

He can wine and dine a woman as well as tear the panties of her and show the very reason why she is a woman. He is merciless in business but anonymously donates to local charity and whenever he gets tired of the whole world retreats in his cabin only he knows how to find. (Until I knock on that door of course)
He is a dangerous, thrilling, brooding but charming when he wants to and in love when he gives a devilish grin that tells a woman she is in wicked trouble.

See what I mean? In addition, Leontine likes a Celtic flair and has a particular fondness for the name, Aidian. Because my character is able to travel in time, he possesses an array of clothing-but here is one of the visuals I used for his modern day look...(note this is Adrian Paul of highlander series fame.,..)

Watch next week for the launch of a never-before- read, short story, UNFORGETABLE written expressly for Leontine, inspired by her fabulous hero description!

*Authors note: This experience has inspired the creation of a possible new series I'm calling , "The Tribe."
More on this as it develops, with full dedication and love to all who played Build a Hero that day at RBW!