Thursday, September 10, 2009


As I thought about Amys visit today at Coffee Talk. I was reminded by Cecile how very much we all experience similar things. And it boggles my mind that  we live scatttered across this earth and find commonality in so many things. We have our differences as well, and that is what gives spice to this world.
So here's to similarities and here's to differences...and below an ode to Autumn and its changes...
Amber Evening

© Amanda McIntyre
Casting shadows chill the air
A snap of winter preview
The cold swaggers into view
Pompous as a pirate seeking claim
Wrapped warm to its presence
I view the world anew
Alive with change
Jittery with anticipation
Glittering autumn leaves
Burnished red-gold sunset
Darkness shrouds the earth
And I content, watch from inside
Autumn of days
Another year of living
Another year of hope
Another year of changes
Thanks to Amy for stopping by today and best to Devin this year in school!