Monday, September 7, 2009

Anatomy of a Writer-or why poetry gets right to the heart of the matter.

Writers are  like sponges. We soak up a bevy of emotions in places, people and song that are stored  for use later in developing a character, or a setting.
It's a blessing and a curse;)

When I am stymied about something, stressed out, or just plain pissed (*gasp!) I turn to poetry. It's my release.  For some reason I am able to focus on specific emotions, ideas--take my feelings on a particular matter down to the proverbial gnat's eyebrow. I can get my tangled emotions on paper as it were where they are no longer clattering aimlessly in my brain.

My poetry accomplishments, largely kept hidden are designed for introspection, reflection, but I've had a few that have traveled the long and dusty road to publication. Yes, for a brief moment in time, I had a collection of poems published which actually received at least one great review before the publisher unfortunately closed their doors! LOL
But my inner poet was not to be silenced.;)
In the upcoming prologue for Winters Desire, for example, I wanted to write a poem that tried to capture the loneliness of a grief-stricken Druid priestess, as she faced another Winters Solstice with out her lover:(gratefully, my partners in this anthology liked it well enough to keep it ;))

"Hope reborn, come with the sun
dispel the chill of darkness
bright fire of dawn
reach to our hearts
burn bright of winter's desire

Enchanted stream of brilliant light
amid the crystal ground
dark traverse blending of the night
bring sweet lover's kiss
burn bright of winter's desire.

No wanderer's curse
be he thus beckoned
a slave to passion’s fire
return his head, upon my breast
burn bright of winter's desire."
For me poetry alleviates many a stress, its rhythmic tone--to read or write-helps my perspective, at times has inspired a story or captured the essence of a story.
With fall comes a natural time of reflection--a time to regroup , take a deep breath and look around us.
So this week I'm dubbing POETRY WEEK!   I'll be sharing a few of my original work as well as some of my fav poets. Some of those include Edgar Allen Poe, W.B. Yeats, Maya Angelou and Robert Frost .
Feel free to comment on them or if you'd like to send me a poem you've written, I'd be happy to post it. Send to amanda at amandamcintyre dot net   Do you enjoy poetry? If so, who would you recommend or what is your favorite poem?