Saturday, August 8, 2009


Saw this guy by the road and nearly lost my sense of direction ;)

Hello!! tour is going wonderfully so far! Little construction and few potholes along the road! Today I'm heading to Fae Sister Mechele Armstrong's blog to hang for a while!
Come on by and check out her tidy digs!

See you on the road~



Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Wow... if I saw this guy on the side road... I would have HAD to pick him up!! He looks very yum-ME!!!
I hope the rest of your tour goes smoothly for you!!! I dropped by the other day to show my love and support to you!!!
I hope you have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Total Yummyness.
Get's dizzy, eyes close, world spins, faints*

Amanda McIntyre said...

either that or you've busted your nose evil grin

y'all realize who this is, right?


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

O...M....G...!! I would have believed it if I did not google it myself!!! Keifer's half brother... and a Lost Boy!!! Oh man, that was one of my fave movies!! That is where I first fell in love with vampires!!! LOL!!!
He is smokin hot in this picture though... Damn! Think a fire is starting in the keyboard of laptop... Getting very hot to touch!!!

Hope the tour is going great Amanda!! I stopped at one place, but I did not want to seem like a stalker to keep following you =)

Amanda McIntyre said...

ding ding ding! One of my all time fav movies too!!!! ( the original one--admittedly havent seen the sequel -which stars this guy)

but ye defintely gets your heart pumping for vampires! LOL

dont feel like you're stalking Cecile I love seeing familiar faces!

thank you!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Thanks for making me feel less stalker-ish-tic!LOL!!! Yea, I made that word up... I do that a lot!
Yes, I have to admit too that I have not seen the sequel... Not that I have not wanted to, but something about just sticking to the old one!!! But damn he is hot!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

I concur Cecile! Im thinking now that we ought to rent that puppy and give reviews of it here at house of muse?

sometime before summer is out! or maybe we'll do a Halloween tribute!???

short blurb review of your fav Halloweed movie!

Its a Date! Mark your calendar!!
I'll even find some sweet prizes to toss in the cauldron! heehee

we may have to trickle this over to the LIT manor though--Lord CM likes to ruffle through the candy--cuz he's the "Candy Man!"


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

You are something else Ms. AM!!! But hell yes.. I am with you on that date!! Email me with the details and I will be happy to oblige you! =) Especially a Halloween treat!!! (My birthday is October 30th!! ~ so what a treat to do with you!!!) Or whenever you would like to!
Oh, just seeing that man's name (Lord CM) makes me shake, sweat and my heart beat faster! lol!
Hope you are having a great day!