Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first ever blog award!

Woo hoo! What a great way to start out the day by receiving a blog award! This one was graciously bestowed upon me by my friend, Emily Bryan!

My thanks to her for making me get my brain in gear this morning here at the House of Muse!
Let's see, game rules are: I'm to name seven fav things, then pass it on to seven other blogs I enjoy!
Which should be very easy since I'm about half way through my 25 day blog tour! ;)
Gosh, narrowing ones fav things down to only seven is much tougher than you'd think...
1. Family: Without a doubt they are my support team and I am theirs. My kids have had the good fortune to forge close family ties with each other-amazing that four kids with a wingspan in ages truly like each other and get on well. Is it any wonder that the one I thing I crave is all of us around the dining room table. The laughter and dialogue that ensues is priceless!

2.Friends:From the ones fired since childhood to those since-friends are the rock of your sanity, the shoulder to cry on, the one you know will celebrate your achievements as much as you do theirs. Lucky am I , to know such magnificent people in my life.

3.Morning Quiet/Evening Sunset: My two favorite times of the day. A cup of coffee on my front porch as I watch the early morning walkers in my neighborhood or laying in my hammock and watching a gorgeous pink and purple ribboned sunset. It's like a spa for the brain.

3. Music: How it can evoke a memory, inspire creativity, calm the fray, nurture the soul--I have an eclectic taste in music and it is as vital to my writing as my black Bic crystal pens...

4. Road Trips: Every fall, my dh try to strike out on a road trip to catch the fall leaves. I always try to go north toward the Great Lakes;) The lakeshore drive along the Superior shore is absolutely breathtaking in the fall. Visits to the small towns along the way, finding the best pie at a mom and pop diner,or being able to stop to take pictures of a bronze covered forest. There is so much to see in this country , so much beauty and history. I wrote about a recent road trip I took with my family this summer-you can catch up with the itenerary on my website to read about all the fun places we visited!

5.The Great Lakes: My dh swears I was a lighthouse keeper in another life. I can remember one overcast day at Whitefish Point in the UP of the Lakes,walking alone to the tip of where the land emptied out into the lakes. As far as you could see was this dark green-grey churning water. Behind me on a hill stood a grove of majestic tall pines above a stretch of sand and rock beach. I could have stayed there for hours. I feel that way every time I look out on one of the Great lakes.

6. Change of Seasons: When I stop to think which season I love the most, I am stymied. The beauty of Spring, blossoming after the white death of winter, the lush green of summer and the smell of fresh mown grass, the brilliant color palette of fall and a crisp autumn morning, and the reverent silence of a winter snowfall. Each one tempts me for the next. Perhaps its the anticpation of change, growth or its the memories assoicated with each season that involve some of my 'other' favorite things;)

7. Random Acts of Kindness: The unexpected helping hand, the kind smile, the offer of support, or the ordinary person stepping up to face the extraordinary circumstance. It restores my faith in humankind and reminds me of how much good there still is in this world.

Now according to the rules, I am to nominate seven other blogs to receive this award!

1) Romance BookWyrm: My friend Amy's reader blog- a great guide for readers!
2)Caridad Pineiro's Blog New diggs make my friend Caridad's blog even more fun to visit!
3) RT Faery court blog-designed by the brilliant Sahara Kelly! Come play with the fae!
4)Beth Ciotta's Blog -a more genuine dear soul and talented writer you will not find!
5) Happily Ever After this woman has won more awards and all deserved!
6.) Isn't it Romantic- A new friend in Italy! Truly the love of romance reading is international!
7. Genella deGrey My friend Genella's beautiful website

There are so many wonderful blogs that I could make a list the length of my arm!
My thanks to Emily for the kind nomination! Have a wonderful day everyone!

If you have a moment, please stop in over at another fantastic blog: Love is An Exploding Cigar for the TORTURED blog stop today!

May the wind be at your back~



Amy C said...

Sigh, I love your favorite things! Even your list writing sparks a note inside me. You have such a beautiful way with words :D.

I love my early morning coffee, too. And the Great Lakes. You didn't get to see Lake Ontario did you? That one is so large, but if you look closely you can see the skyline of Toronto off in the distance! But otherwise it looks like the ocean!

This Fall I am determined to drive down to Letchworth State Park to see the Fall foliage. We've been twice this summer, but I really want to see all the color. I have heard for years how absolutely amazing it is!

Thank you so much for the nomination!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your list, Amanda! No. 7 really struck me as sooo very true. You could be having such a bad day, and all it takes is one person to do something--even small--to make everything seem so much better.

Thank you so much for the award nomination!

Amanda McIntyre said...

HI Amy!
I dont think I did get to see Ontario from that vantage point, but Lake Superior is the same way! Its so utterly vast and beautiful!

I hope to be able to catch some fall colors this year as well! we'll have to post some pics on our blogs!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Barb! We deserved and congrats! you can hang it up with all the rest!;))


Amy C said...

That sounds great! I love outdoor photos. I did post some pictures of one of our day trips to Letchworth. It'll be nice to compare the scenery from season to season. I'll look forward to your pictures :D.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Oh Amanda, Congrats on your award my dear friend. I absolutely love your fave 7! Family, friends, love and random acts of kindness is what life is all about!!!!
I love the fall season, but my life long dream trip of a lifetime is traveling the east coast for the turning of the leaves!!!
Thank you for sharing!!! It is nice to get a peek into the person!
I hope you have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

Veronica Bennet said...

Thank you very much Amanda.
We are truly honored to receive this award.

A greeting from all of the bloggers of Isn't it Romantic