Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moving On...

My thanks again to all who suppoorted the blog stops on the TORTURED tour! I gave away lots of books, and had a great time meeting and chatting with new friends and old! Moving on....lets talk cemetery's;)

So as I await edits on Master & the Muses, I've been "fleshing" out a new story-single title- set in early Victorian England. I blame my friend, Charlotte for feeding into her awareness of my secret obession as of late with gravestone art and imgery-my taphophilia, if you will-particularly of this era between 1820-1840, when the affluent spent as much on elaborate grave stone memorials of their family as they did on extravagances in real life! She has posted the pics she sent me on her blog(check them out here!) and here are a few more that I have gathered in preparation for research and inspiration.

As equally fascinating to me has always been art. The reason , I think that I was so connected to Thomas Rodon and his brotherhood in the Master & the Muses-that reckless, Bohemian mentality wrecking havoc in early London delights me!

Its said that once you enter deep enough into the grounds, you can no longer hear the traffic or noise of the outer world. A perfect resting place...providing your soul is a peace. That in turn, led me to pictures of cemetaries in Paris, and St Louis Cemetary in New Orleans.

Desires of the sums up the premise rather nicely.

Which is where my new proposal the end of a woman's life, a life that twenty years before, was not her own, but dictated by the authority of her father and later the man she was forced to marry, after her lover mysteriously dies.

Now, years later, part of the land sold to the Highgate cemetary, the family home stands adjacent to the burial grounds and the secret that she carried through the years is revealed when, after her death, her daughter finds her diary, revealing the eerie similarity of her situation to her mothers' nearly twenty some years before.

Betrothed to another,my heroines passion increases for the Italian stone carver brought in to create her mothers grave memorial, and as teh memorial takes shape, so too, increases the appearence of a woman in white- a restless spirit, her passion unsatisfied, looking for the lover she was so unfairly denied.

Twisted and thick as the vines blanketing the silent tombs of the Highgate necropolis,will the daughter suffer the same fate as her mother? Does passion ever die? Watch for more news as details become available!