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Moving On...

My thanks again to all who suppoorted the blog stops on the TORTURED tour! I gave away lots of books, and had a great time meeting and chatting with new friends and old! Moving on....lets talk cemetery's;)

So as I await edits on Master & the Muses, I've been "fleshing" out a new story-single title- set in early Victorian England. I blame my friend, Charlotte for feeding into her awareness of my secret obession as of late with gravestone art and imgery-my taphophilia, if you will-particularly of this era between 1820-1840, when the affluent spent as much on elaborate grave stone memorials of their family as they did on extravagances in real life! She has posted the pics she sent me on her blog(check them out here!) and here are a few more that I have gathered in preparation for research and inspiration.

As equally fascinating to me has always been art. The reason , I think that I was so connected to Thomas Rodon and his brotherhood in the Master & the Muses-that reckless, Bohemian mentality wrecking havoc in early London delights me!

Its said that once you enter deep enough into the grounds, you can no longer hear the traffic or noise of the outer world. A perfect resting place...providing your soul is a peace. That in turn, led me to pictures of cemetaries in Paris, and St Louis Cemetary in New Orleans.

Desires of the sums up the premise rather nicely.

Which is where my new proposal the end of a woman's life, a life that twenty years before, was not her own, but dictated by the authority of her father and later the man she was forced to marry, after her lover mysteriously dies.

Now, years later, part of the land sold to the Highgate cemetary, the family home stands adjacent to the burial grounds and the secret that she carried through the years is revealed when, after her death, her daughter finds her diary, revealing the eerie similarity of her situation to her mothers' nearly twenty some years before.

Betrothed to another,my heroines passion increases for the Italian stone carver brought in to create her mothers grave memorial, and as teh memorial takes shape, so too, increases the appearence of a woman in white- a restless spirit, her passion unsatisfied, looking for the lover she was so unfairly denied.

Twisted and thick as the vines blanketing the silent tombs of the Highgate necropolis,will the daughter suffer the same fate as her mother? Does passion ever die? Watch for more news as details become available!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aug 25 Blog tour Double stop

Double blog booking: Aug 25: I'll be dueling blogs at Beth Ciottas blog and Sisters in Sync Beths group blog with a couple of her friends. Be sure to check out both fun sites! Beth is an awesome talent not to be missed and a genuinely cool person to boot!

Thanks to all who have helped keep me alert while driving on this journey! Home is beginning to look pretty good, but I've saved some of the best for last;))

Aug 25: Beth Ciotta/Sisters in Sync
Aug26: Emily Bryan
Aug 27: Romance BookWyrm
Aug 28: The Chatelaines

See you on the road!


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Weekend Musing Winner

I think it was pretty much a tie between the preference of scruffy or sharp dressed man..with a couple of mixed scruffy & sharp dressed votes as well as a very good point made that it is what is inside the clothes that matters...indeed & agreed!

That said...the winner of the Weekend Musings copy of TORTURED is....

Larissa Lyons! Congrats! email me at to claim your book!

thanks to everyone for stopping on over the weekend!


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Weekend Musings

What about you? Sharp dressed man? or Casual Scruff?
One winner will be chosen to recieve a copy of TORTURED this weekend at House of Muse! Leave me a comment!

Weekend Musings

And this one is for my friend Charlotte...

Weekend Musings Sharp dressed man

This guy is just HAWT, no matter how you slice it...
I dont know my 19th century Italian stone carver my have just become short haired...

What about you? Sharp dressed man? or Casual Scruff?
One winner will be chosen to recieve a copy of TORTURED this weekend at House of Muse! Leave me a comment!


Weekend Musings A sharp dressed man...

My new found interest in Aussie football spiked a few hundred degrees...
with this pic of the amazing David Williams!

What about you? Sharp dressed man? or Casual Scruff?
One winner will be chosen to recieve a copy of TORTURED this weekend at House of Muse!

Weekend Musings

Now and again , I like to let the muse wander and see what she comes back with...
I mean all work and no they say...
so here is my play time...conjuring up a little hero inspiration!

I am a total sucker for guy dressed in a suit! Don't get me wrong, I love the whole Bohemian thing as well--but to quote ZZ..."every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!"

So the muse tells me to go ahead and share the then is my personal collection of hero inspiration....
The quintessential hardly gets better than this..however...


Scene set up: Dryston has been captured and stands before Lord Aeglech
who has tried to get him to confess to being part of the rumored rebellion against the ruthless Saxon self-proclaimed king. He and Sierra meet for the first time...

*My original inspiration of the Saxon menace, Lord Aeglech

"Britannia is dead. It is the dawn of a new age. Even those in Rome are wise enough to see it,” the king said with a sneer.

“Britannia will survive by the strength of her people,” said Dryston. The king wavered before him, and Dryston realized he was close to losing consciousness.

Aeglech slouched in his throne, perfectly relaxed. His ring encrusted fingers tapped against the curved arm of the throne. “Britannia’s numbers are dwindling. My men are seeing to that. Soon all of Britannia will belong to the Saxons.”

“Your men have not yet met all of Britannia’s people.”

“You seem to know much for one who was found in a Celt village, welding a newly sharpened blade.” His eyes narrowed,awaiting Dryston’s reply.

Dryston held his tongue. He had to find a way to stay alive and give Torin and his men time to assemble.

The king’s attention was diverted when a new woman entered the room. Perhaps she was no more than a figment of his sleep deprived mind, this angel, dressed in a golden gown, her head covered with a sheer scarf that veiled her features. She looked out of place among the ruins. Without hesitation, she walked straight up to the smitten Saxon king and knelt before him.

(*Inspiration for Sierra)

Aeglech stepped forward and took the angel’s hand, bidding her to rise. She handed him a golden goblet, a cup clearly once belonging to Roman royalty. “Milord, you summoned me?” she asked.

He blinked as if she had pulled him from his thoughts. On this, he and Aeglech had common ground, for Dryston found her mesmerizing. Who was she? What purpose did she have with the Saxon king? Was she his mistress?

“Ah, yes, of course. You know that the prisoner has arrived. Come, stand here at my side.” Aeglech regarded Dryston with a narrow gaze. “I will give you the opportunity to tell me what you know about the rebellion being gathered against me.”

“I know nothing about a rebellion,” Dryston lied. One of Aeglech’s guards rushed forward and rammed his ax handle into Dryston’s gut. He lurched forward, choking for air. Determined he would not let the king break him, Dryston straightened, grinding his teeth against the pain. His eyes were drawn back to the mysterious woman who eyed him steadily.

The Saxon lord took another sip of his drink, leaping from his seat as he hurled the cup across the room. The goblet smacked against the stone and clattered to the f loor. “Who is your king? Where is his kingdom?” he bellowed, the sound of his voice reverberating through the cavernous room.

“I call no man my king. I am free,” Dryston responded.

Aeglech started down the steps toward him, and Dryston thought he had drawn his last breath.

“Milord?” the veiled woman spoke.

The Saxon king whirled toward the woman.

“Perhaps I might be able to help?”

Aeglech turned his gaze back to Dryston. A slow curve of his mouth gave way to a satisf ied grin.

“A fine idea, wealh. Come forward and tell me what you see.”

Wealh.The name given to those of native-Briton descent, a degrading term that meant slave. So she was his slave.

She showed no fear as she walked past Aeglech. With a glance over her shoulder, she received his nod and faced Dryston, lifting the veil from her face. A guard pressed down on his shoulder, bringing him to his knees. She removed the covering from her head. With careful purpose, she used the veil to wipe off the blood from his face.

Her touch was as gentle as a mother’s, powerful as a seductress’s. Dryston’s gaze was riveted to her face, but she seemed to look right through him.

(*inspiration for Dryston)

“Do you have a name?” he whispered, leaning close as she wiped the blood from above his lip. “Are you a witch?”

“Silence,” the king commanded

“What if I refuse your powers?” he asked. Her skin was pale, her hair shorter than most women’s, but on her, it seemed to fit. Her cap of soft brown waves barely fell below her ears. She was not beautiful in the way of a noblewoman, but she had a magic about her he could not deny. The dress, clearly not tailored to her body, offered him a glimpse of her breasts as she leaned forward to place her hands on his head.

A shiver rolled across Dryston’s shoulders. He knew of the ancient Druid teachings. He knew there were some who possessed the ability to see the past or look into the future, but he had never met one before now. The gentle caress of the woman’s hands on his scalp caused his body, weary and sore from his journey, to react in ways he did not expect. As her dark eyes held his, the memory of his night with Cendra appeared in his brain.

“What is it? What do you see?” the king asked impatiently, coming down to kneel at her side.

“There is much passion,” she whispered. “There is a woman and a man. They are…” Her voice trailed off as she glanced nervously at him.

“The rebel camp, what of the rebel camp?” the king urged.

Aeglech’s fierce gaze met Dryston’s as if to intimidate him. Silently defying him, he gave over his mind to that night he’d spent with Cendra, all the pleasure he’d given and received.

The woman splayed her fingers wide over his scalp, and her soft breath caught.

“Can you see the camp?” the frustrated king prodded.

Dryston conjured delightfully lusty images of Cendra in their last moments together. So vivid were they that he began to grow hard. The witch’s eyes flew open and she stared at him. He could not help but smile as she took a step back, studying his face.

“I cannot read this man,” she declared quietly.

“What do you mean you cannot read him? You are a seer. This is your gift,” the warlord exploded. “What good are you to me if you cannot use your gift when I need it?”

A flash of concern passed through her beautiful, brown eyes. “His will is strong. It is difficult to read through such a thick head.”

Dryston waited for Lord Aeglech to order that he be hanged from the gallows or worse, tossed into the moat.

The woman’s dark eyes turned to him. “Master Balrogan will enjoy the chance to break this one.”

It was apparent that he had misjudged her.

Aeglech appeared to debate her suggestion, but nodded. He was spared, at least, for now. “Very well, take him to the dungeon and let Balrogan deal with him.”

Dryston had a feeling that things had just gone from bad to worse.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first ever blog award!

Woo hoo! What a great way to start out the day by receiving a blog award! This one was graciously bestowed upon me by my friend, Emily Bryan!

My thanks to her for making me get my brain in gear this morning here at the House of Muse!
Let's see, game rules are: I'm to name seven fav things, then pass it on to seven other blogs I enjoy!
Which should be very easy since I'm about half way through my 25 day blog tour! ;)
Gosh, narrowing ones fav things down to only seven is much tougher than you'd think...
1. Family: Without a doubt they are my support team and I am theirs. My kids have had the good fortune to forge close family ties with each other-amazing that four kids with a wingspan in ages truly like each other and get on well. Is it any wonder that the one I thing I crave is all of us around the dining room table. The laughter and dialogue that ensues is priceless!

2.Friends:From the ones fired since childhood to those since-friends are the rock of your sanity, the shoulder to cry on, the one you know will celebrate your achievements as much as you do theirs. Lucky am I , to know such magnificent people in my life.

3.Morning Quiet/Evening Sunset: My two favorite times of the day. A cup of coffee on my front porch as I watch the early morning walkers in my neighborhood or laying in my hammock and watching a gorgeous pink and purple ribboned sunset. It's like a spa for the brain.

3. Music: How it can evoke a memory, inspire creativity, calm the fray, nurture the soul--I have an eclectic taste in music and it is as vital to my writing as my black Bic crystal pens...

4. Road Trips: Every fall, my dh try to strike out on a road trip to catch the fall leaves. I always try to go north toward the Great Lakes;) The lakeshore drive along the Superior shore is absolutely breathtaking in the fall. Visits to the small towns along the way, finding the best pie at a mom and pop diner,or being able to stop to take pictures of a bronze covered forest. There is so much to see in this country , so much beauty and history. I wrote about a recent road trip I took with my family this summer-you can catch up with the itenerary on my website to read about all the fun places we visited!

5.The Great Lakes: My dh swears I was a lighthouse keeper in another life. I can remember one overcast day at Whitefish Point in the UP of the Lakes,walking alone to the tip of where the land emptied out into the lakes. As far as you could see was this dark green-grey churning water. Behind me on a hill stood a grove of majestic tall pines above a stretch of sand and rock beach. I could have stayed there for hours. I feel that way every time I look out on one of the Great lakes.

6. Change of Seasons: When I stop to think which season I love the most, I am stymied. The beauty of Spring, blossoming after the white death of winter, the lush green of summer and the smell of fresh mown grass, the brilliant color palette of fall and a crisp autumn morning, and the reverent silence of a winter snowfall. Each one tempts me for the next. Perhaps its the anticpation of change, growth or its the memories assoicated with each season that involve some of my 'other' favorite things;)

7. Random Acts of Kindness: The unexpected helping hand, the kind smile, the offer of support, or the ordinary person stepping up to face the extraordinary circumstance. It restores my faith in humankind and reminds me of how much good there still is in this world.

Now according to the rules, I am to nominate seven other blogs to receive this award!

1) Romance BookWyrm: My friend Amy's reader blog- a great guide for readers!
2)Caridad Pineiro's Blog New diggs make my friend Caridad's blog even more fun to visit!
3) RT Faery court blog-designed by the brilliant Sahara Kelly! Come play with the fae!
4)Beth Ciotta's Blog -a more genuine dear soul and talented writer you will not find!
5) Happily Ever After this woman has won more awards and all deserved!
6.) Isn't it Romantic- A new friend in Italy! Truly the love of romance reading is international!
7. Genella deGrey My friend Genella's beautiful website

There are so many wonderful blogs that I could make a list the length of my arm!
My thanks to Emily for the kind nomination! Have a wonderful day everyone!

If you have a moment, please stop in over at another fantastic blog: Love is An Exploding Cigar for the TORTURED blog stop today!

May the wind be at your back~


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Day Six : Blog tour winner!

And the winner at Coffeetime Romance is: Amy M!!

Congrats Amy!! Shoot me an email at
to claim your book! Also if anyone knows CupK8, tell her to email me!! ;)

WED. Aug 12
Next blog stop: Night Owl Romance


A salute to Firefighters worldwide!

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Tune in to BLOGTalk radio Tuesday night 8.11.09

Next stop on the 26 Blogs tour:

Ever wonder what Amanda sounds like? Does her voice have an annoying nasel twine?
Does she snort when she laughs? (yes, when I really get going) Just want to hear the actually VERY FUNNY host Renee Bernard have a go at Amanda??
Then tune in cuz its ALL happening Tuesday night -
from the comfort of your little computer in your best comfy chair!

Check listing for : CANNED LAUGHER Tuesday Night, at 8:30pm EST, on

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Saw this guy by the road and nearly lost my sense of direction ;)

Hello!! tour is going wonderfully so far! Little construction and few potholes along the road! Today I'm heading to Fae Sister Mechele Armstrong's blog to hang for a while!
Come on by and check out her tidy digs!

See you on the road~