Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday update 7.25.09

It has been an interesting week! It seems like months since I went on a 19 day road trip to and from Washington DC with my family! It was lots of fun and I had fogotten how utterly beautiful this country is. By and large, we met really nice people, hard-working and honest and I have to tell you it restored my faith a bit, when all the news seems to broadcast is the not-so-great stuff.

But its back to deadlines, school registration(Yowsers, already!?) abnd and football camps gearing up, the State fair is just around the corner ( a BIG deal here in the state of Iowa!) In fact as I was walking though Clevelands Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ( a must see for any music lover) and reminising over so many items that brought back memories of my life growing up--I saw the outfits that the brothers Jackson (Then The Jackson Five) wore on their first tour performance to the Iowa State fair! I was thirteen and a friend and I got tickest to the Grandstand to see our idols perform. Then, all the girls droooled over Marlon and Jermaine, Michael being way to young yet for teen idol workship ;) But what a powerful memory that is for me, especially now. His music literally touched generations and to stand shoulder to shoulder with my kids-who listened to his music from later years--and remember when I first heard him--well I dont think you can put that in a box and wrap it, you know?
It is what it is- a pricelss moment, etched forever in my memory.

The RWA experience was amazing! My first RWA literacy signing, very cool and later in the week, a Harlequin signing hwere with my little mini laptop I had my brilliant COS booktrailer of TORTURED running continously. Funny story though, I had no idea that they gave away the books at these particular events! It was exhilerating and delightful to visit with so many readers! My thansk to all who left me their cards and I hope you'll be in touch! I want to hear how goes the submissions for some of you aspiring writers! Hang in there!

I was able to have some great quality time with my writing partners in the Celtic Spice anthologies, pounding out another possible idea for a Midsummer set--very fun premise! Im excited!

and we all met our editor at Spice, Lara Hyde, for the first time! She's absolutely lovely as well as brilliant in what she does. It was a pleasure having lunch with her,Charlotte, Kristi and fellow Spice author, Victoria Janssen!

I gearing up for the "25 blogs in 25 days... the TORTURED tour!" where I'll be talking a bit mopre about my over the road Americana tour and giving away books along the way! It satrts Aug. 4-28 and I beguin at my London home, of the Lust in Time Manor

Here is a list of the blogs I'll be visiting in August!Hope to see you at one or two! August 4 -- August 5 -- August 6 -- August 7 -- August 8-9 -- August 10 -- August 11 -- August 11 7:30 PM -- August 12 -- August 13 -- August 14 -- August 15-16 -- August 17 -- August 18 -- August 19 -- August 20 -- August 21 -- August 22-23 -- August 24 -- August 25 -- August 26 -- August 17 -- August 28

Back to writing!! Im having such fun with The Master and the Muses as I anxiously await its delicious cover art!!

have a great weekend one and all and
as always~ happy reading!!