Thursday, July 30, 2009

Homage to the Spice cover gods!

I was completely surprised, elated and delighted to receive this yesterday !
This is my cover art for my current WIP, "The MASTER and the MUSES!

On the cover is featured my hero-icon-rebel-unabashed romantic artist--Thomas Rodin!

Huzzah to the Spice cover art team!

Enjoy!! I know I am!



Booklover1335 said...

That is a great cover, although I think Spice has some of the best covers out there

Amanda McIntyre said...

I heartily agree, Booklover!
Thanks for stopping by!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

OH my dear cover gods!!!! I left you a comment at Lust In Time...
***my inner hussy is puuurrrring like a minx**** Wow!!!! Amazing!!!!
I am glad that I found your place!!!
Oh and Tortured was out (and of course bought) at my local Borders!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

I did tell Charlotte that that I wanted to pet him...I literally went dru in the throat when I opened the file. No lie.

and thank you for picking up Tortured! Im always interested to hear what you think!

sigh, I must stop staring....


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Oh Amanda, Visit my blog... I think you might like the introduction!!! LOL!!! If not, let me know and I can change it!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Fuirst and foremost I had a puzzling , yet not so difficult time understanding what Bradley Cooper had to do with my cover...he is drool-worthy, yes?

Then I forced my fingers to move and lo there was Sinfuls cover!! Mr. Buns himself! fanning self*
then Master Rodin and those eyes, that smirk...
indeed, my muse is quite taken with the cover--

I have to keep remindeding her that we've a book to snuggle beneath that delish cover!

and that sends her into another tailspin!


Amy C said...

Spice does have some amazing covers! And this one is pretty damn amazing. Thomas Rodin is just so yummy!

Anonymous said...

So. Damn. Yummy.

JennJ said...

Wow that is a beautiful cover!

Amanda McIntyre said...

I concur JennJ!!!


Veronica Bennet said...

Hi Amanda, excuse my English but use a translator because it's not very good.
I read "The Diary of Cozette / Il diario di Cozette" I liked very very much. Cozette is fascinating and daring but at the same time sweet and eager to be loved. I loved every page and I read in a very short time.
I am part of your Followers^-^.

"The Master and the MUSES" has a beautiful cover and a story even more beautiful. I would be curious to read the life of Thomas Rodin, is a figure so particular: the trial for rape, his its sexual ambiguity. And 'a man of many facets of which should not have been easy to write.
I can hope that will be also published in Italy?

Again, my congratulations and hope to soon be able to read your other novels.
Veronica Bennet

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hi Veronica!
Thank you for your kind words about Cozette! I am thrilled that you enjoyed it! Your website is lovely BTW!
With regard to your question, the Thomas Rodin I wrote about is actually a fictional character! Not surprising, I guess, that it could actually be someones name!

Interestingly, I have just turned in my manuscript for my next book (Spice, June 2010) called the Master and the Muses--Thomas Rodin , the artists from Cozette plays the feature role in this book!

However, he is a charismatic , rather reckless soul, his character is based loosely on the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood of Victorian England. I hope you will be pleased and yes, I hope too that it will be in Italian! Thus far all of my books have been translated! This makes me very happy!

I'm so glad to connect with you! I have soem questions that I would like to ask, and have sent you a private email!

Be well~