Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Musings

So my kids are out of school and summer has truly begun.

I'm not sure exactly where time is going, but I think I've been asking that since I graduated from high school. Anyone else ever notice how time speeds up after that?

I am thrilled that today I launch my brilliantly designed (Rae Monet) and distributed by (Karenne at Coffeetime Romance) newsletter! I saw the draft the other day and its wonderful! My sincere respect and thanks to both of these talented women who truly understand the promotion nightmares of the present day author!

If you'd like to see for yourself you can subscribe to my newsletter here on my blog,or check out my contact page. With each subscription, you receive instantly a little free gift from me to you!

Anyone belong to "Twitter?" I would love to have some feedback, both from authors and readers on that topic.

A reminder to take a look at Emily Bryan's new contest and check out her VEXING THE VISCOUNT. And on the topic of books, I just finished THE NAKED BARON by Sally McKenzie and it is a delightful read! It's been a long time since I have talked openly to the characters in a book--now I have to go hunt down the others in this series. Check it out!

Sorely lacking in my time to read (gee, I don't know why) I have only just had the serenity of mind to settle in and read Kristi Astor's, "SWEPT AWAY," IN the Lords of Desire anthology. As I told her, Kristi has such a natural command of the Regency and Victorian eras. Effortless writing, I found myself holding my breath wondering if the H/H were ever going to get together. An excellent read! Though I have read bits of ADDICTED by Charlotte Featherstone in its writing stages,(powerful enough in just scene samplings!) that one I am looking forward to settling on the hammock with and reading cover to cover. I feel very fortunate to be developing the Celtic Spice "festival" anthologies with both of these talented women. Exciting news in that direction coming soon!

So for today, I'm heading back into my writing while the house is quiet. And I hope today is as fantastic as each one of you!

Amanda M