Monday, June 1, 2009

Stormy Monday

I woke up to green skies this morning and the wind whipping the trees outside my windows. Sans lightning and blizzards, this is just MY type of writing weather! Maybe because it narrows down the possibilities of outside distractions. But its the shadowy, unsettled aura that envelopes a day that somehow inspires me.

Speaking of inspiration, I have been scouting various paintings-both classic and present day-to serve as inspiration. This one caught my eye as a perfect rendition of one of my muses in a scene.

So my game plan today is to dive into writing on my my current WIP "THE MASTER and THE MUSES" a title which had been changed, but impressed marketing at Harlequin so much as to the story that they have switched it back. Can you say, "happy camper? ;))

My master in this tri-novella book, is such a strong, charismatic creature. What I would liken to a Hollywood persona's in this day. Sure of himself, extremely passionate, sensuous , and yet though he would never admit it, has no need of finding that one woman who can capture him and hold him. In his mind, he is their knight in shining armor, their savior from their pitiful, colorless lives. And yet he does not even realize that in some ways his own life is void of color.

Not only is this book about the three muses that inspired his painting-but also how they shaped him as a person, making him realize that when it comes down to it--he is the one in need of being saved...from himself.

And what of the muses? What happened to them? The Master and the Muses is slated for June 2010, but periodically I hope to give you sneak peeks along the way!

A special note to my friend, Amy-thanks for the suggestion, you wont believe how that one turns out! LOL