Friday, May 29, 2009

Where in the world is Amanda McIntyre?

"Where in the world are you , Amanda McIntyre?"

This comment, made in a review left on a bookseller site after she read (delightfully so) the Dairy of Cozette was truly what sparked the idea of a personal blog. My thanks to you, dear reader. I think.

Now I don't want you to expect a whole lot. I am not a professional blogger, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn;) Still, this is my outlet to journey into topics of a personal nature.

Aptly named "House of Muse" it's purpose is yes, admittedly to make special announcements, or share a bit of inspiration. I will explore the fun obscure bits of history that have been my inspiration in my books.

Now and again, you might find a surprise guest or an impromptu contest.
Very eclectic, cuz that's how I roll~~~

For example, note the cool "What Happened this day in history" gadget to the side. One of my favorite things to do is research! Whether that's reading about gravestones, haunted battlefields, or the eccentric lives of people and events in history.

And I want you to be involved, not just readers, but partakers in what inspires you-are you an aspiring writer? A stay-at-home mom? Do you teach music or dance in your community? If you have a story that you feel could inspire others, send it to me via If I receive enough, maybe we'll make it a special day here at the House of Muse!

Additional inspiration for me is the announcement of the upcoming June launch of my new and much improved newsletter! Done now, by the pros at Coffeetime Romance, I am very excited to place it in the hands of the professionals, so that I may focus on my writing! YAY!

And in this newsletter, I will be making an announcement about an exciting (though I'm told insane) online event , not for the faint of heart (meaning moi', of course!)
But I will wait until the launch to pull back the curtain on this exhilarating journey! You may wish to sign up for my new Newsletter so you don't miss out on any of the fun!

Before I close, I want to thank my most excellent web mistress, Rae Monet, for her brilliant design work not only on my website, but this blog! Thanks, Rae!

There will be more news coming up, but I wanted to open this and welcome you to "McIntyre's House of Muse"